Hey there! I am Katharina and I am currently student at the Art University in Linz in the department textile.art.design. I really enjoy the tactile and visual qualities that textiles offer and combine different techniques and visions into a sensual experience – in art as well as in design. A reoccurring topic for me is language and words as a way of visual expression. I also often occupy myself with change and decay, dealing with the human body and the way it influences its surroundings and how the body is reacting to its environment. I am interested in the relationship that develops between the work that I create and the viewer or consumer of this work and I therefore encourage an interactive approach to experience my work.


since 2017

Art University Linz/Austria
Master: Textile.Art.Design

2013 – 2017

Art University Linz/Austria
Bachelor: Textile.Art.Design


Erasmus stay at Hogeschool PXL, Hasselt/Belgium; Focus: Jewelry & Object

2012 – 2013

London College of Communication Foundation Diploma Art & Design; Focus: Surface Design

2007 – 2012

HTBLA Salzburg (technical secondary school) Department: Art & Design; Focus: Textile-Design



Costume Assistance for the play “Ein Dreieck ist nur in der Mathematik harmlos", Phoenix Theatre Linz


Theatre Costume Adaption & Dying Works for the opera “Turandot", Bregenz Festival


Scholarship: Summer Academy Salzburg; Course: “A Ring is not just a thing" from Lucy Sarneel

2011 & 2012

Theatre group HTBLA Salzburg – Creation & Execution of our own Theatre plays


Diploma – Designing a textile merchandise collection für ÖH Salzburg (student union)


Internship Sport & Mode Reyer


Internship Weaving Mill Wittek


London College of Communication
Art University Linz
Art University Graz
MIR Exhibitionroom/Linz
Gallery 5020/Salzburg
Gallery SVÚ/Bratislava
Galerie SVÚ Mánes Diamant/Prague
PXL Gym/Hasselt
Multiple Gallery/Hasselt
WHA Gallery Linz
Ars Electronica Center Linz